Mainstream Unlimited | Crisis Analysis & Response
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Crisis Analysis & Response

24/7 Support/Response Communication

Phone and/or Email Response

Address critical incident questions as they arise; including Situation Assessment; Tactics and Actions Implementation; Create/Deliver Public Announcement media, radio, bulletins, etc.; Deployment of Outside Resources to Member Site; Coordination of Special Services, such as: medical and funeral expenses, family travel and lodging, etc.; and other services as needed.

  • Situation Specific Assessment
  • Tactics and Actions Implementation
  • Create/Deliver Public Announcements – media, radio, bulletins, etc.
  • Deployment of Outside Resources to Member Site
  • Coordination of Special Services: medical and funeral expenses, family travel and lodging, etc.
  • Crisis Management Team assistance

In-Person Response 

Provide on-site assistance at agency location because of a crisis/event.

Management Training/Development

On-site Training to include Critical incident communication(s), such as:

  • Crisis Management/Response
  • Media relations management
  • Drills/Tabletop exercises
  • Crisis Management Team

Seminar-type discussion, using case studies, small-group exercises, video vignettes, and common employee threats, workplace violence scenarios, domestic violence in the workplace, outsider threats, facilities threats, and cyber threats.

Discuss best practices for workplace threat management. Leave with real action plans, become more familiar with two Threat Assessment Team checklists, and create empowered responses.

  • Other proprietary training courses

PIO or Communications — Phone Consultation

Provide support services to newly-assigned or untrained spokespeople, PIOs or department heads on how to deal effectively with the media, to include:

  • Pre-Incident Preparation
  • Post-Incident Debriefing
  • Recovery Services
  • Incident Closure Report
  • After Action Reports
  • Other related services, as needed

All site security/vulnerability assessments

  • On-site service to conduct an initial, limited facility and operations evaluation for selected major Agency Departments/facilities, and report findings
    • Identify Department/facility specific issues regarding the worksite, and recommend possible security and critical incident solutions
    • Identify procedural and staffing issues for the Department/facility, and recommend possible security and critical incident solutions
  • Recommend/develop security and critical incident response procedure for the Department/facility
    • Include generic, best-practice procedures including “active shooter”, and satisfy the unique challenges of the Department
  • Conduct meetings with Department/facility management to determine what can be done, approve recommended procedures, and how to proceed with training
  • On-site workplace security and critical incident response training for the specific Department staff.
    • Desktop or classroom presentation of appropriate security and critical incident response principles and procedure for the Department/facility
    • Demonstration of selected scenarios, and a hands-on exercise putting the principles and procedure into practice.

Workplace Security and Emergency Plan Review & Development

  • Review existing plans
  • Make recommendations, including:
    • Emergency Operations Center Response(s)
    • Police & Fire Interactions
    • Public Works Support
    • Report writing
    • Pre-site document review & preparation
    • Development of Customized Training